Drawing Manga Girls Manga Magic

Komikload - Young artists who love manga and anime will enjoy learning to draw girls with attitude and style. Step-by-step instructions allow readers to master female characters, faces, and figures. Colorful images will entrance girls and boys alike with the magic of manga

Abaut :
Keith Sparrow has been drawing and collecting comics since his childhood. He is a prolific storyboard artist whose work includes "Space Jam, Anime Art: Easel Does It" and "Drawing Action Manga: Easel Does It". A lifelong manga and anime enthusiast, Keith attends animation and comic conventions and is currently working on his own graphic novel. He uses a mixture of traditional and digital techniques in his work, drawing and inking by hand before coloring and finishing on computer.
Judul :Drawing Manga Girls Manga Magic
Penulis: Anna Southgate, Keith Sparrow
Penerbit: The Rosen Publishing Group, 2011

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