How to Draw Manga Super Basics

Komikload - This is a guide to explaining manga creation and illustration styles to novices interested in trying their own hands at manga and comic books. The book's writing style and illustrations are all extremely straightforward. A comprehensive volume, this guide covers all of the key elements from the basic concepts in creating manga to techniques in character development, panel divisions, and developing manga with backgrounds. Contains 50 more pages than previous volumes!

This volume is literally packed with several dozens of "mini-lessons" in creating Manga, including drawing, story layout, character design basics, lettering, and plotting the story. Each lesson is about a page or two in length, so there's quite a bit of useful information in the book.

Other books in the "HTDM" series cover many of these topics in much greater detail; however, "Super Basics" is handy for quickly reviewing a particular technique or concept. If you aspire to draw manga, the book will give you a taste of what goes into producing a Japanese comic. And if you hit a creative block, I bet you'll find a lesson or a tip in "Super Basics" to get you going again.

As other reviewers have mentioned, "Super Basics" assumes you already have some proficiency in drawing; it is more concerned with the down-and-dirty details of producing the comic itself. Even if you have some manga-drawing experience under your belt, I suspect you will learn some new tricks from this book.
Judul : How to Draw Manga Super Basics Volume 8
Penulis : Angel Matsumoto


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