How to draw cool looks and charakter

Buku manga - How to draw cool looks and charakter. The Number One Fashion Workshop for Shojo Manga!. From 'dos to shoes, how you dress and style your characters says a lot about who they are, before they even utter a word. Whether your story calls for a flashy drama queen or a mousy bookworm, this guide contains everything you need to know to create fabulous shojo manga characters with personality. Flores has a funky, unique style that I like and I got a lot of good tips on drawing clothing from this book. Intriguingly, she has a picture of a corset and a Victorian gown in the intro and I would have liked to have seen her costumes from various time periods and not just modern High School Confidential, because Shojo manga encompasses much more than teen angst. The fellas get short shrift here, unlike in Chris Hart's more even-handed draw manga books. Shame, since the guys are the main objets de desir in Shojo. I like the use of the color palettes for each character, too. A good addition to the art library.
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